Let the Democratic System Flow

The upcoming elections are very slowly gathering the momentum, though the invisible forces are are also very much active from different directions to sabotage this only hope for the people of Pakistan. The suicide attack in Rawalpindi on AMC coaster, assassination of Fazlur Rehman Kakakhel of Awani National Party (ANP) in Karachi, and other acts of terrorism are also part of those efforts to sink the country more in gloom.

Only the will and joint efforts of people of Pakistan will be able to face these dire challenges. Pervaiz Elahi, the former chief minister of Punjab, and an aspirant to the top seat of Prime Minister of Pakistan, is not doing any service to either his party or to the country by fanning the provincial differences at this crucial juncture just to get some more Punjabi votes. He needs to rise above the petty thinkings but it seems hard for his intellect.

It’s people like these Chaudharies who have really made the name of Punjab bad in other provinces. It’s people like these who have given a very bad image to whole of Punjabis who are as much as suffering from them as the Balochis, Sindhis or Sarhadis are. People of four provinces need to join hands to defeat these people and their toadies in all the provinces.

It’s not good to wait for some angelic leaders to come down from the sky. For now we have to do with what is available. We have to rally behind the leaders of PML-N and PPP, and try to ensure that a democratic system of government comes into play after the elections. I also think that even rigging would be unable to save PML-Q from an ignominious defeat.

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