Less Recreation Chances for Women in Pakistan

Time is ticking by like hell. In the frantic race of time’s speed, seconds and moments are slipping within an eye blink and the only concern is work. Modern inventions and luxurious living styles has made humans so busy that there are very moments of relief and calm.

In such hectic and testing times, every person wants to have some relieved and pleasant moments in a nice and tension free environment. But in every evening the monster of next day’s tight schedule eats up the whatever little joy and glee present in the life.

Leaving children in the morning for school, reaching office on time, working on a new assignment, oiling the ego of the senior officer, to meet people to increase the PR, and watching the talk shows at cable; such things would be seen in the life of every common Pakistani nowadays.

In this rushed routine, only weekends provide some semblance of relief, but that too goes down the drain, when the wife and children start whining that they don’t have any chance of loosing themselves up, and so there should be an outing somewhere. Many husbands use the Sunday picnic as a very effective weapon to divert the weekly battle.

But when ladies show their anger that gents have lots of opportunities to relax outside then them, they are very justified. They don’t have any exclusive and safe opportunities to relax and enjoy. In Pakistan, a typical lady just spends her life away while servicing his household. They only restrict their enjoyment to the family functions like engagement, marriage and birthdays. Some even enjoy the funerals.

So what should our ladies do for enjoyment? NGO’s would say that “Oh just let them out in the clubs and hotels and streets and everywhere alone and everything will be alright.” But I am not going to say that as I don’t have any foreign aid and funds and I know the ground realities here.

In order to give our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters a fair chance to relax there should be ladies park in the towns at the appropriate places with full security and privacy. Also, there should be a clean and hassle-free environment in the shopping malls, which is the favorite place for our fair gender to become real happy.

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