Lehnga Hua Bara Mehnga

Lehnga Hoa Bara Mehnga

Lehnga has become a traditional bridal dress in Pakistan. Dulahniya pori he nahin hoti bina lehngay kay. Attired in fulgurous Lehnga, heavy sparkling jewelry and deep icing of make-up, the Pakistani bride gets ready to leave for Piya’s house.

We have ourselve’s to blame as we have made life difficult for us by our own hands. Marriage has become a sheer show-off and a garish thing. Lehngas are one of the expensive waste item of such occasions. Just to appease the people, one pays a hefty amount of sum for a lehnga.

Lehngas are available of price ranging from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 200,000. And they are utilized just once or twice in the whole life of a girl. What a sad and cruel waste of money.

I just returned from a marriage this evening and a relative of the girl told me that they had Lehnga prepared from Lahore for Rs. 40,000 and it took four rigorous months for its completion. Yes, the Lehnga was superb, but was it inevitable? When I asked this question from that relative, she forgot to close her mouth in utter shock, and went away from me in a state of disbelief.

Buying Lehnga isnt less than a mission. Families spend weeks after weeks browsing every notable shop in the city, then they order it, and wait for it for months, and during those months check the Lehnga preparation with meticulous care. This disease has spread like wildfire. One of the first question asked about the preparation of marriage is about Lehnga.

If you are married, tell us how much it cost for your Lehnga.

1 thought on “Lehnga Hua Bara Mehnga”

  1. Very well attaention paid issue these days.
    It is just the waste of money and time for the sake of show off only. bhayee log kia sochein gay us ney apni shaadi pe itna ghattiya lehnga pehna.
    You’re right it is worn only once or twice in life. Instead of making such an expensive lehnga one hsold buy a jewellery which can benefit you in future.
    The trend should be changed.


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