Leave us alone (part I)

Drone hitting our territory with missiles by USA and NATO forces and our armed forces determined to retaliate has made the war on terror more complicated and hostile. Pakistan now finds herself between devil and the deep blue sea. Whatever secret agreement or liberty extended by General Retd. Musharraf allowing alien forces to enter Pakistan territory in pursuit of terrorists, does not hold good, as the present democratic government is not inclined to ratify his policy. In this regard, apart from our national ego and sovereignty, we must take into account the ground realities paradoxically.

Some of our learned politicians’ like of Imran Khan and Qazi Hussain, while talking to media, fanatically emphasize that we must stop fighting our own Muslim brothers (Taliban or terrorists) and instead start negotiating with them. They further argue that we should part away with Americans who should leave us alone.

Question does arise, what to negotiate with terrorists or backward orthodox Muslims? Should we allow them to form their own state with in Pakistan according to their own version of Islam? Should we allow them to impose their own manipulated Islam upon others, negating which they may be victimized by suicide bombing?

If the answer is in the affirmative, then how many states with in Pakistan would operate according to their own version of Islam?

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