Learning the first lesson

Due to privatization and free markets in Pakistan many sectors and industries are earning more then there invested recourses. The very impetus behind there booming progress and expansion is that they follow those paths where significance is given to quantity rather then quality. Education sector is one of the most affected one in this context. The slogans and initiations taken by private and governments sector have over-flowed the country with educational institutes but again due to lack of long term planning the youth after completing their education face hardships in getting any job.

Reasons are lack of professional degrees, lack of skilled workers, lack of professionalism as well as lack of understanding what they have learnt. Today’s students join colleges and universities not for learning but for passing and enjoying time. Observations magnify that almost 1% of students visit libraries and are inclined towards reading habit. In such society where one doesn’t remember his/her first lesson why an improvement should be expected.

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