Learning Styles

You’ve taken them one in one form or another…the GRE Test, a SAT , a TOEFEL or any state or alphabetical combination or it could be simply your school test (yeah, I know how much we hate them LOL!). They are intelligence tests, designed to measure the relationship between your chronological age and your mental age. But it is no secret that everyone has different apptitude and learning style.

There are people who might do poorly on standard tests but who shine in music, the visual arts or programming a computer. Following are diffrent kinds of learning styles that show that we are ever so much more than that number on the latest IQ test.

Verbal/linguistic: You have always enjoyed playing with words, picking up a new language, and telling stories. You might be drawn to career as an attorney, comedian, editor, writer, politician, psychologist, librarian, public relations person, teacher or translator.

Mathematical/logical: Using a microcomputer comes easily to you, as does chemistry and problem solving. Possible careers are accountant, banker, biologist, bookkeeper, chemist, city planner, mechanical engineer, pharmacist, physician, or technologist.

Visual/spatial: You can find your way around better than most, and enjoy symmetry, puzzles and Pictionary. Attractive careers might include advertising, architect, fashion designer, inventor, navigator, seamstress, surgeon, or urban planner.

Body/kinesthetic: You learn best by doing…games, hands-on tasks, and building. You might want to investigate becoming an actor, an architect, choreographer, craftsperson, juggler, inventor, massage therapist, physical therapist, pianist, sculptor, surgeon or trainer.

Musical/rhythmic: Your good sense of timing is reflected in your singing and/or musical talent in playing an instrument. You learn well through songs, patterns, rhythms and musical epression. You could be drawn to a career as a band member, composer, disc jockey, figure skater, musical performer, songwriter, teacher or violinist.

Interpersonal: You show an excellent understanding of others’ feelings, thoughts and motives and are rewarded by the friendship of many of your peers. You might find yourself in a career as a community organizer, consumer service advocate, therapist, nurse, politician, religious leader, social worker, or travel agent.

Naturalist: You are sensitive to the world of nature-living things. You pick up on subtle differences in meanings and have an ability to recognize and classify elements of the natural world. You might be employed as an animal handler, anthropologist, astronomer, biologist, chef, and veterinarian, weather tracking specialist or navigator.

Everyone has some of all these intelligences, and most of us have strength in two or more. We all have something valuable to contribute, regardless of what some numbers on a test might say.

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