Learn the Trade of Computing

It’s very important for people who move into the computer world to realize that computers are tools and they are not more than tools, that they are means to accomplish some things,that they are development and innovation creating tools. What a person going into the field has to realize is that they have to know much more than how to use a computer. They have to understand passion, performances and the basics of art of computing. They have to understand you have to know how to draw with a pencil before you even know how to draw with a computer. You need to know how to design with a block of chalk before you start coding with a computer. You need to feel it,know how to perform. You need to feel performance. You need to feel what an programmer feels. You need to know everything there is to know about software development, from the analysis, to design, to what that looks like and how that creator performs in every aspect of art of computing. So, you must be a proficient artist with keyboard and mouse and monitor, and when I say a proficient artist, I mean in every field, and then learning programs on the computer is about how to use that tool to help you be the artist that you already are. That you know how to develop, that you know how to anticipate the user requirements, that you know how to debug, how to act and react upon change, and how to tell a fake problem from a real need, and then learn how to use that computer to do all those things that you know how to do and not to think that the computer will do it for you.

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