Learn the Lessons

Its good to observe others and to take advantage of other’s experiences. It only improves your progress, saves you time, but also enables you to not repeat the same mistakes other made. Its imperative that you just don’t follow blindly what successful people do, but also observe the failures done by not-so-successful people.

Both with top winners and under performers you could look at when what they did worked well. This will lead to finding effective solutions which have a greater scope and bright chance of working because people (a) know how to apply them, (b) have the skill to apply them, and (c) trust in the relevance and efficacy of the solution.

According to Luther, “This is one of the basic ideas of the solution-focused approach: help people to learn from their past successes. This can be done even if, overall, they don’t function too well at a specific moment. There will always be moments when things have been better (or slightly better). These are the moments from which you often can learn a lot.”

The some what obscure idea that even the best effects the mere chances of achievements, rather than in a crystal clear boundaries of the authenticity or incorrectness sense ends-up being a hard thing to teach. And also something that is the best decision you can make right now may end-up being wrong or incomplete later, as better data come along.

In your own field of interest, you need to observe the top achievers and the spectacular failures in order to proceed. This will hugely influence your behaviour and will give you a unique sense of inner strength and direction. This also helps in career management. But the real challenge is to sift through what will work for you and what wouldn’t.

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