Leader of PPP

The issue of impeachment of Musharraf looks very very elusive, and nation knows that Pervez Musharraf won’t really go this way. If parliament does at all try to impeach him, then he would dissolve the assemblies before long by using his discretionary and unfortunately constitutional powers of 58(2)B, and he could also use the National Security Council for that matter.

Asif Ali Zardari, through the backdoor channels, has assured the President that PPP government doesn’t intend to oust him, and rather they need him for the war on terror and for bringing in the financial benefits in the form of donations and aids. PPP knows that without the facilitations of the United States, they are doomed, and whatever popular support they had in the masses has already vanished.

With the presence of the attorney general Malik Qayyum, and the secretary interior and other bureaucrats, nation is asking where in the hell change is. The PPP government looks more like the extension of the PML-Q lotas, and the way PPP is shielding Musharraf tells the story of their ineffectiveness.

Its time that the PPP CEC wakes up and choose a leader, who has his fingers on the pulse of the nation.

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