Lawyers Torched Alive by MQM Masked Men

“We found six completely charred bodies in a lawyers’ chamber in a multi-story building. Three are men and one is a woman. We don’t know whether they were lawyers or visitors,” a police officer was telling the gaping cameras of the private channels.

An eye-witness was telling a private channel, that dozens of masked men came, locked the building near Karachi city court, and then set it on fire and they also did sloganeering in the favor of “great” Altaf Bhai. According to that witness, these terrorists also did firing at the building.

The sudden outburst of such terrorist incident in the city of Karachi, just when the new government has taken hold tells the story of MQM’s claim that not even a leaf can turn without their consent in this city. Without any reason, the violent clashes sweeped through Karachi in no time, and the waiting ghundas of MQM just let their terrorism loose on the hapless people of Karachi.

Isn’t it time the people of Karachi stand in front of this terrorism?

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