Lawn infested!

Lawn Exhibitions in Karachi

The ultimate necessity of summers, the ‘lawn ka jora’ that has been taken for granted for so long now has the ultimate mentor: the designer faculty!

Here is how you feel towards this brand mania about what used to be a predictably boring three-piece lawn suit with the same old plain prime colors being mixed and matched to death.

Sanam Khan:
I am a medical student at CMH so I leave most of my shopping to my mother. I prefer more subtle prints, more checkers and lines; am not too fond of floral prints they are boring.

Sherin Khan:
What any woman is looking for is good lawn and the designer lawn that everyone is so keen at is not exactly extraordinary. The fabric of the Rs.700-800 worth suit is pretty good too. It is more about prints now. Nobody wants to be seen wearing the same print as someone else. There need to be more variety and all these enterprising women like Sana Safinaz, Sonya Battla should realize that it is worth putting some more effort into this. This is a huge market. They can be doing so much more with textures and prints. They need to innovate more, target different age groups. However it is appreciative how they have kept their lawns reasonable as it should be. They are giving us good value only if they would experiment more. Sonya Battla gets my vote this summer.

Faryal Khan:
There are rarely any good prints in these designer exhibitions. I came here with high expectations but there is nothing extra ordinary here. The same quality and the same print here too so what is the point.

Hadiya Shaukat:
I am not too much into lawns and these designers have not been able to entice me either. They can only be worth their value if they had more variety of prints to pick from. Small floral prints with chiffons look very elegant.

Naureen Shaukat:
The fabric of these designer lawns is very ordinary, buss fashion bun gaya hai. There is nothing different about them, it’s the same color scheme and the same prints every year.

I am a housewife and I feel that all this awareness that these designers have created has definitely improved the dressing of even the layman. First we only had the conventional to choose from, the traditional GulAhmed and Farooq prints. These designer lawns are definitely a notch above since there imagination is not limited to the same old patterns that have been done to death now. And since they are not too over priced it makes all the difference.

Naila Mehmood:
The designer lawns have been overdone with everyone jumping the bandwagon. It has become very difficult to decide which choice is better. Not every designer’s lawn is good quality though however Sana Safinas has done a good job.

Atiya Nazir:
The lawn is good quality but the price is very high. They should keep the price range economy friendly so everyone can afford it. And the prints need to be worked on more too.

Amun Younis:
It is very common and there is nothing that makes them stand out or catch your eye. If you’re spending good money you would expect to stand out; with high expense your expectations raise too.

Uzma Hussain (Manager PSFD Boulevard):
The response to these designer lawn exhibitions is very good; it goes t show how brand conscious people have become. Even with the high prices you don’t feel the recession here. Lawn is for everyone so the turnout out is not class discriminatory. However people are more conscious of prints and less aware of quality. Sana Safinas was an outrageous success and even the feedback has been tremendous.

(Manager PSFD Boulevard):
We stay very neutral to the designers we exhibit however the feedback to Sana Safinaz was tremendous. We restocked twice ever day for the 7 days of the exhibit that’s how successful it was. People come in for window shopping a lot but our regular clientele with its weekly visits and shopping touching one lakh definitely makes this place very elitist. Concerning lawn people look for print variety more, maximum designs maximum sale. Since one shopper alone is looking to buy at least up to 30 prints in one season.

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