In ancient times when knights were cut loose and fighting was done on horseback with an elongated pole known as a lance, the mercenaries of the time were known to as ‘free lances’. Nowadays freelancing typically refers to bloggers, developers, copy writers, designers and so on. Freelancers are people who offer their services to employers without a long term commitment to them. They often charge by the hour, day or job and are essentially one man show.

The fundamental prerequisites to be a real freelancer however are a supreme level of skill in your field, drive, passion, and willingness to learn. Once you are out on your own there is no longer the umbrella of corporate culture to shield or correct your mistakes. Freelancers must be very well equipped in their skills as they need to operate as a one person team.

The key for survival for a freelancer is to be doing some work. Perhaps the most formidable thing for a freelancer is to be without work, and the most daunting task seems to find the work. When it comes to find the first job as a freelancer, use your network. Spread the word around, that you are available for work. Leverage your contacts. You can often also find jobs on the web on forums and job boards.

In order to give your a little bit of head start, you may start from the following sites:

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