Lal Masjid Anniversary

One year has passed since the operation on the Lal Masjid, Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Faridiya, and still there is no clear picture we have about the death counts and the last time negotiations between the Ghazi brothers of the Lal Masjid and the security forces and local administration of Islamabad.

Lal Masjid operation went on for a week, and it was started after the administration of Lal Masjid took law in its hand. They took a prostitute hostage, and then they arrested some Chinese prostitutes and asked some people to not to indulge in sinful activities. This was the sin of the Lal Masjid administrators and their students. Though one may argue with the procedure the Lal Masjid administrators followed, but their lofty goals were noble. and what they wanted is just to have Sharia Law in the country, which was formed on the name of Islam.

As the one year completed to the Lal Masjid operation, Shuhda-e-Lal Masjid Conference was held in Islamabad. In a written statement released here on behalf of the wife of Abdul Rashid Ghazi, Humaira Rashid Ghazi it is said that the setting up of Markaz-e-Ghazi has been decided for looking after the Islamabad Lal Masjid operation affected families.

Authorities should not hinder such activity by the relatives and friends of Ghazi brothers, as it would only make the matters grave and more alarming.

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  1. lal masjid follower are basically yazidi, they are all terrorist, there women was prostitutes, i m condement there activeties,

  2. “The noble cause” requires a noble and right way to achieve the object. Keeping hostage the childedrns as human shield is an act of cowerdness. There is no example in the history of Islam, that such hostage act was ever performed for the implementation of Sharia Law. The act of a dacot, who snatches the valuables from riches to distribute it to the poors, is for ” a noble cause”, but it cannot be supported because of the improper and wrong proceedure adopted by the decot. With less or no knowledge of Islam, most peoples started to act on their own as they are doing very noble cause. The dhamals on Mazars by Tawaifs, is one example, where they feels that this is a noble act to clean and wash of their sins. There is no Muslim who can ever deny the imposition of Shira Law in Pakistan. However, the right proceedure to implement it is essentail.

    In Lal Mosque tradegy, Ghazi Rashid is not only the sole responsible, but the Authorities are also responsible. The hidden hands are also responsible who were pushing both the ends ( Gazi Rashid and the Authorities) to create a clash and destabilise Pakistan, demoralize the Muslims and create a bad name of the religious groups in the world. Everybody made it a question of ego and it resulted as a ” shameful tradegy”. Our beloved Prophet said that ” Momens have Baseerat”, which could not be seen in above case, neighter by Moderate Muslims or by the Lal Mosque Muslims. May be they were Momens or ……. playing in the hands of the enemies.


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