Lahore Under Fire

Head Quarters of Federal Investigation Agency on Temple Road and the office of an advertising agency in Model Town in the city of Lahore on 11 March were the targets of ruthless and callous terrorists, who are hell bent on destroying Pakistan with their evil acts.

In these ghastly attacks more than 30 people have died and more than 300 have injured and besides of that the whole bubbling city of Lahore is under sheer terror. These suicide attacks shook the whole city, and people are extremely terrified and angry. Lahore has become the target of terrorists in the recent days as this was the second suicide attack in Lahore during the past one week. Four navy employees were killed in an explosion at the naval war college last Tuesday.

According to the police sources, the blast at the FIA building was caused by using 40 to 60kg explosives, now the million dollar question is that how that much explosives reached in Lahore? If the terrorists belong to the FATA area, then how in the hell they managed to bring in such a huge amount of explosives through all the checkposts, agencies, police, patrolling and all the other craps?

Or was it just smuggled through the porous Pakistan-India border just some kilometers away from the scene of blasts?

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  1. Why don’t they protect government buildings like the U.S. consulate in Karachi has done? Like placing solid concrete blocks around its wall so that a vehicle cannot hit the wall. In fact, the U.S. consulate has even taken over a road, which you and I cannot walk on or drive on. To protect ourselves against extremists, we’ll have to spend a lot, and the first thing we should do is to have speed breakers and barriers to protect buildings and public places.


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