Know Thy Users

The most glaring and common mistakes the developers make is that they dissolve themselves into the intricacies of technology and forget the ultimate end-user. They sometime just say to them aloud, once a day, ” O mate, I looove my users”, and that’s it.

The product which is built just for the heck of technology and not for the heck of customer is doomed to a very sad and tragic death. To built a lasting product, about which the people will evangelize, you need to Identify the user, believe in him and tag him along with your development cycle and afterwards.

Identifying your user is where an alarming number of smart developers fail. They become focused on a bit of technology and imagine that users will just appear out of the woodwork. The whole process of iterative product design requires an identified user so that you can know when you are on the right track and when you need to change direction.

The user of your product must be worthy of great passion. Remember, we are dealing with smart developers who thrive on living meaningful, creative, passionate lives. When the target user is considered unworthy or boring or utterly dumb, the developers will feel little urge to empathize or go the extra mile.

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