Kiyani Comes Out Roaring in F-16!

Adding another feather to his cap, Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani personally flew aboard an f-16, and targeted militants hide outs in Swat. You can not ask for a better example of bravery, commitment and leadership, from the one shown by our general. This is the first time in history of Pakistan, that such an initiative has been undertook by the Chief of Army Staff .

Already dubbed as one of the greatest military planner and according to TIME magazine one of the most influential person in the world, General Kiyani’s role in ‘operation Rah-e-Raast’ has been outstanding.From numerous visits to the front line to his rigid stance, Kiyani and Pak Army has rose to the occasion.

Long Live Pakistan.

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  1. Hi, LTG Khan: Yes, Sir, COOL is a good word. INSPIRING comes to mind, too. It grabbed me to see the Commanding Officer leading by such example. I SALUTE your General! (And I AM standing at attention!)
    I’m aware that all this is a painful process for Pakistan, and hope you will accept my deepest condolences to the families of the courageous soldiers you have lost, and to the IDPs whose lives have been uprooted. My prayers are for you all.

  2. @general
    you dont sound angry,,u sound sense less. What the hell is this rubbish all about. The tribal natives, when it comes to Islam, were no different from us. circumsiized, damn hell. , thats the only proof your agencies have, when we say its the foreign hand involved. These are the non muslims, no need to mention there destination, working here.
    Dont create this rumouristan, where after all has been settled, our children get nightmares of tribal people and there action,,military action is the answer, but we will not remain in a state of war with them,
    in 2006, from South Waziristan, 1 prayer leader was picked up on suspicion that he was aiding Taliban. He was known to be hafiz e quran, and was there from 1988, circumsiized. On info, it was found that he was a damn COlonel of our very good neighbour, so this divide must not occur.
    Nd General, when you reply, i may b late as I will b out of town for a day or two, bt will b back dn worry

  3. how can anybody not want to have their child circumsiized? it isnt a complex operation –even barbers do it in poorer areas

    as for Baitullah — his days are numbered. I hope he puts up a stiff resistance. Because when we find him (which, let it be known, we will) — he will have roughly 14-20 different types of ammunition of varying calibres engraved in his body

    and in defiance of Islamic Laws, I dont want his body to be immediately buried. We should nail his body to a wall, and let every victim of his terrorism throw rocks at his body.

    FUCK Baitullah Mehsud. FUCK the taleban. and FUCK anybody who sympathizes for them or supports them.

    If i sound angry, maybe it is because I am.

  4. @all
    the real strength of forces lie in public support. once they are given that,,the result is evident in the shape of operation in Swat.
    Now its the last frontier, i.e Baitullah. Cant wait to watch him taken to task for his atrocities

  5. @ Ayub: re, circumcision, some years back a mullah in Quetta was told to take off his clothes for a hernia operation and there was an uproar when they saw that he was not circumcised (this incident was related by Hafeezur Rahman, former information secretary in the Punjab government in his DAWN column “Of mice and men”). It was then that we learnt that many Muslims are not circumcised, especially those living in backward areas.

  6. Thanks Hina.

    I’ve never heard of this book, and I was the one always boasting about my collection. I know the author (not personally) but not the book.

    I’ll check it out =)

    Be safe and work hard! But most importantly, be happy. Jeetay rahon.


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