King of Pop, Michael Jackson is No More!

King of Pop Michael Jackson

For most, the shock must have come in the morning, but the king of Pop, the legendary Michael Jackson died at 4am, after suffering a cardiac arrest, in Los Angeles. Jackson was 50. From “Thriller” to “You rock my world“, it is impossible to find another icon like him. Is moves, his famous moon walk, has captured the imagination of millions, and his death is undoubtedly a great loss to the music world.

Though he was no more enjoying the lime light as he used to get, his story is one full of determination, struggle and misfortunes. From a black in a society dominated by white, he emerged as the true generation leader, and this remained until his death. It was so sudden that no one in there wildest imagination must have thought about it.

All Michael wanted was to live his way, peacefully at his Never Land Ranch, but unfortunately this was never given, One after another, he was plunged into cases, but after so long, he was all set to make a come back, or rather his farewell, but life had something else for him.

To millions like Presley, he is the only one.

Thanks for touching so many around the world, undoubtedly Michael was larger than life.

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