Killer Kites on the rampage in Lahore

Chahdary Pervez Elahi, Chief Minister of Punjab , while  talking to media persons, said his government will  consider banning the kite flying in the province if death keep occuring at present speed. He said some people are violating the ban imposed on using metal string for flying the kites.

Bike riders  are the most vulnerable ones and some  have lost their lives when their throats were cut by stray metal strings.   Youngsters get themselves in  danger for catching stray kites. The temptation of catching the bountry is difficult to resist for the young ones.

Lahories are Basant frenzied these days. Basant increases economic activity in the city boosting the city’s hotel, food, transport and ‘other’ businesses as Basant  attracts guest from around the corner who are willing to pay for whatever the city offers.

Basant is being celebrated officially since last couple of years and it has become a major attraction of the city. Though the Spring festival is centuries old but innovations have completely transformed the classical style of celebrations. These days Basant is not only celebrated inside the town’s narrow streets but also on the rooftops of 5 star hotels and big houses. Multi nationals have given a commercial touch while ‘cultural spices’ have been added by Lollywood/Bollywood celebrities so Basant is lot for many people. Infact mini basant continues for months to come with extended versions celebrated in other cities.

But most of the people  people still remain as the silent spectators. Its government’s responsibility to safeguard their lives. Several laws have been made to regulate the fiestivals but implementation always remain the problem. Unless the laws are enforced strictly, people will continue to lose their lives on the name of entertainment. But question is, who is responsible for lost lives?

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  1. There were lot of tragic incidents in 2006 but it was allowed this year (2007) as well. According to a newspaper report ( 10 people including 6 children died during Basant revelry while hundreds more got injured due to metal twine and aerial firing.

    It is cold blooded murder. Mothers who lost their beloved children are begging for justice from Almighty Allah coz they have knocked every door in this country for justice but all in vain.

    Jo chup rahe gi zuban e khanjar, lahoo pukare ga asteen ka


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