Kicking out a New Business

So you are fed up of your day job, your 9 to 5 monotonous routine, lack of innovation, dearth of challenges. You really do want to exploit your potential at full throttle, but not for an ungrateful boss, but for getting the pleasure of achievement as well as reaping the full rewards of your hard work.

So you want to become a master and slave of yourself and of none other. You want to brake the shackles and explore new vistas. You want to just do it. Instead of slaving for others, you have decided to toil for yourself. There is nothing better than this.

But are you ready to take and face the risks? I have, after given it lots of thought, come up some caution list. See, whether, you can add or subtract any point in the list.

1- First caution from the onset is that there is no fool-proof, risk-free and guaranteed method for starting an new business of your own.

2- There is no short cut whatsoever.

3- You would need tons and tons of moxie.

4- You wont be earning money from the word ‘go’.

5- If you are a pioneer, founder and chief executive of the company, you might also have to adopt the roles of secretary, janitor and errand boy, not to mention the marketing and sales guy.

6- If you are just eyeing greedily the successes of some of the mega successes like youtube, joost and twitter, and you think everyone gets the same fortune, you are in for a shock of life time.

7- First do your homework and learn the lessons and analyze the market before delving into any action.

8- You would have to work more as you were doing in your day job.

9- You should be ready to not to miss any opportunity.

10- Be humble and sociable and eager and passionate.

Now its your turn dear reader.

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