Khyber Agency Clean-up

In a bid to alleviate any dangers posed to the city of Peshawar, a targeted operation has been launched by the security forces of Pakistan in the adjoining Khyber Agency against the local Talibans, whose activities grew alarmingly stronger in the recent days in the Khyber Agency and they were also being seen in the Peshawar.

The recent incident of the kidnapping of 20 plus members of Christian community in the suburbs of Peshawar has also dented the credibility of the security forces and though their peaceful and agile release recovered the image a bit, but the real threat remains, and that is why this operation was deemed inevitable.

Talibans are getting now out of control, and this operation is not only justified but also very timely, and Pakistanis support this operation strongly. Talibans are now not servicing the Islam, rather potentially or inadvertently they are providing excuses and pleas to the NATO and United States forces to enter in the Pakistani areas.

Situation in Khyber Agency has been tense since several days and political administration has imposed indefinite curfew in the area. Sixty people have been killed and more than 80 injured so far in the clashes.

During the operation security forces should also save the local population.

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  1. i want to know about the economic condition in khyber agency before the operation and after the operation. and what is the effect of operation and other bettle in khyber’s economy such as education, business field, people’s income and agriculture field etc. And what can be the solution for the economic development in khyber agency.


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