Khyber Agency Chaos

The announcement by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (Pakistan Taliban Movement) by its top commander, Baitullah Mehsud that they have suspended peace agreements with the government in all parts of the country after a series of military offensives. That and Baitullah Mehsud has also warned of the backlash in the Sindh and Punjab.

The Pakistan People’s Party government is now fully following the footsteps of the previous regime of Musharraf-led PML-Q regime, and now it seems that we are witnessing Musharraf-led PPP regime. The situation in the Khyber Agency is grim, and not only government has entangled itself in a fierce and meaningless battle of two warring factions, but also it is on the receiving end of the backlash.

Unknown culprits launched a missile attack on the office of a religious group at Tehsil Bara in Khyber Agency which caused seven people to die while two others were injure The attack has demolished the infrastructure of the building. The advance of the security forces is also going on, but most of the militants have already escaped to the adjoining Oarkzai Agency.

In these circumstances, the chaos is the order of the day, and someone must tell them to stop fighting and starting dialogue.

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