Khwaja Asif’s attack on Amin Fahim

I think it is our bad luck that we have politicians like Khawaja Asif. Apparently he doesn’t know that you can’t defame an important, wealthy person and get away with it. Why did he have to attack Makhdoom Amin Fahim in the media? He said that Amin Fahim is Musharraf’s man, as the two were together even when Benazir’s body was in hospital. He also implied that Amin Fahim could not be trusted as he was too close to Musharraf, since he had been meeting him many times. Makhdoom Amin Fahim has served a legal notice on Khwaja Asif, demanding an apology for his remarks.

This whole affair is very suspicious and it seems that it is designed to drive a wedge between the two new allies PPP and PML(N). Even before the National Assembly has met, it is being implied that the PML(N) will not support Makhdoom Amin Fahim as prime minister. If this is the way politicians behave, I don’t think the new government will be effective. How can they be expected to serve the people if they have already started fighting among themselves? They should realize that only Musharraf and PML(Q) will gain if they don’t remain united.

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  1. Well PML-N is trying to pave the way for themself by dividing PPP leadership and then would be able to bring Nawaz for the premiership.


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