Khud Mukhtar Ahmed Mukhtar

After the 18th February, it was felt that after all the years of darkness and subjugation, at last the the change was here. People voted their hearts out on 18th February and defeated the forces of status quo, and those forces which were following the agenda not acceptable to the people of Pakistan.

Thats is why, the nation is shocked from Karachi to Khyber over the statements issued by the newly appointed defense minister Chaudhary Ahmed Mukhtar in which he has attributed General (r) Pervez Musharraf as an asset of the country, and has also showered his pearls over the virtues of keeping Pervez Musharraf in the office.

No wonder, the President House spokesman Maj. Gen. Rashid Qureshi was a much happy and relieved man, and he didn’t waste a second to commend Ahmed Mukhtar and the next moment he was heard saying that 80% of the parliamentarians want to work with President Musharraf and soon everyone will be on board.

What does that mean exactly? Senator Asif Ali Zardari should take time out of making brothers, and see what his ministers are saying and doing.

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