Khar Can Say That

I am no student of history, but even I know that Ghulam Mustafa Khar, more famous now as ‘Mainda Saien’ or ‘My Lord, was once a leading formidable and redoubtable politician of Pakistan. He has said that to the surprise of many that he feels sorry for Pakistan as wadera-shahi has sucked the juice out of it. Now that’s shockingly amazing that a feudal like him is admitting the truth. Wow.

But. There is always but, isn’t it? But Mr. Khar has also said that people of Pakistan are also to be blamed as they primarily don’t want to work hard and they are naturally like abject submissiveness. He has also stated that terrorism is rampant in the country and people aren’t doing enough about it. Now would you agree with that?

Thank goodness the Pakistan has people like you Mr. Khar who will apologize even if you won’t go there to personally make things right. What hypocrisy my friend. Instead of an apology you should put your body where your words are and go to the public and start working to make things better for the beleaguered Pakistani people. Your words can stay with us.

The entire premise of your argument is wrong and every supposition arising from it is wrong and there is just no real place to begin in dialoguing about it. It is not our fault that Pakistan has had outside terrorists bombing their civilians for five years or so. It is not our fault that Pakistan has corrupt politicians and power hungry generals. We have not destroyed our country and neither have we wanted to destroy our neighbours like India. They and their fuming and fomenting terrorists have destroyed their country and trying to do so in our country too- to the extent it is damaged at all. Certainly many civilians have been killed in Pakistan by terrorist actions, not due to any deeds by Pakistanis. Gimme a break!

And how could Pakistanis really do anything about terrorism or even anything else. What say they have in the national matters? Yes, its true that they are in comatose, but who is responsible for this apathy? Each country has a right to develop on its own. Democracy is there. When a leader is too disliked, revolution, uprisal, impeachment – whatever, happens. What rights Pakistanis have? Their even basic rights are suspended till further order.

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