Khapay? Na Khapay?

Let me confess once again my utter ignorance. This time it is in regard with the really beautiful Sindhi language. When, at the sad occasion of Benazir’s burial, I heard the slogans of “Pakistan Na Khapay”, I thought it meant “Pakistan may not remain busy” and I misunderstood its implication that the chanters were basically urging people to get on with the life and stop the violent protests and don’t waste themselves in arson, looting and killing. How blatantly ignorant of me? I didn’t know it then.

When the next day, Asif Ali Zardari the co-chairman of PPP showed his disapproval over the slogan “Pakistan Na Khapay”, I went bonkers. He added to my confusion more by chanting the slogan “Pakistan Khapay, Pakistan Khapay”, and I was really starting “khapping.” After putting much pressure on my feeble mind, I decided to ask someone to resolve this mystery, and luckily for me the online edition of DAWN solved it, by translating that slogan into English.

So Now I know it, otherwise I would have been ripped apart by you for it. So I am all for “Pakistan Khapay” (Live Pakistan). I also wish from heart that Pakistan keeps on “Khapping” forever.

These are as usual very uncertain times for the Peoples’ of Pakistan. The biggest sin of this present regime in my opinion is that they have made this nation a psycho by continuously maintaining uncertainty and emergency situation. You never know what will happen the next moment. Now we are not certain that whether the sham Election Commission would go for the elections or would it bestow yet another blessing on Q-League and Fazlur Rehman by postponing them?

If elections are postponed, then we should get prepared for very dark days and nights.

8 thoughts on “Khapay? Na Khapay?”

  1. jo kuch b kar lay. Insha Allah Pakistan zinda o javaid rahay ga. Dushman ka moo kala rahay ga. Kufar ko bil-akhir shikast ho gi.
    Ay Allah apne habib (SAWW)k sadqay Pakistan ki aur is k mukhlis Pakistanion ki hifazat farma. Aur is ko andruni beruni sazishun se mehfuz farma. Ameen

  2. ppp should not win if they win pakistan situation will be worst again because ppp will support only sindh. If chaudrys brothers muslim league Q win then again trouble because they will make and support Punjab but what will the Sarhad and Baluchistan do.If Musharif remain our president again Then Al Qaeda wont leave us alone they will make trouble.If Nawaz win he will try to take revenge from Musharif. If the Mullas win for sure they will support al qaeda if they do this then USA will not leave us. So we are stuck and we cant do anything but can only pray from heart TO ALL MIGHTY ALLAH. MAY ALLAH MAKE PAKISTAN LIVE FOREVER KAPPEY PAKISTAN AND WHOEVER WANT TO DESTROY PAKISTAN MAY ALLAH ALL MIGHTY SEND THEM INTO HELL AMEEN.

  3. How utterly ignorant of you to post without understanding what you are writing about! Shakir is correct with his translation ‘we don’t want (to be part of) Pakistan.

    Please demonstrate some respect for provincial languages in future posts and apologize for your ignorance about the Sindhi language.

  4. The meaning of “Pakistan na khapay” is “we don’t want Pakistan.” The PPP workers were openly calling for the break-up of Pakistan, just like its founder did in 1971 by saying “Idhar hum, udhar tum”, and leading to the loss of half the country. And by looting and burning, the party is telling everyone that if it doesn’t win the elections, they can expect Pakistan to disintegrate. And I can tell you that PPP will not get a good majority, it will have to form a coalition, which will lead to more and more destruction. God save Pakistan!


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