Keeping the fingers crossed

Clock is continuously ticking and elections are coming near to us with the passage of every second. Some of the political parties have declared strike on eight January; they simply want to show that they are against these elections or so called selections but we all know that their motives are to create havoc in the country. What is the purpose of strike on the day of the “grand finale”? What they actually are trying to prove? Can they prove that the previous elections were fair enough?. If they are against elections; they can simply show this by not participating in it and rejecting the results; rather than creating difficulties in the lives of the other citizens.

We all know that in the previous elections; a large number of polling stations were created fake, the active workers of the party, which takes the credit of always winning and ruling the country, had stolen even the ballot boxes and simply changed the results in the favor of their political party.

A large number of eligible voters have not been included in the voters list even after the orders of Supreme Court. Workers of different political parties are now at the draggers drawn; playing the game of blood and fire against each other but our Police department is silent as death. PEMRA has taken a positive step in this regard by imposing ban on channels, on the coverage of the political processions and speeches, because the basic intention of these leaders is to strengthen their vote bank.

We all are afraid of 8 January 2008, being the day of elections; this will be the most sensitive day of the year. Government has issued strict orders for all the schools and colleges that they shall remain closed until 10 January, and those who will open before this date; will be penalized. Aren’t these the clues of the game of blood, which will be played on that date? The need of the of the time is that we should keep our fingers crossed and pray to ALLAH, to prevent us from the anticipated bloodshed.

2 thoughts on “Keeping the fingers crossed”

  1. had musharaff not sided with americans things wouldve been better, it would ve been easier to burn the fire that american intervention ignites among our masses and he could ve earned more public backing, but who dareth appose the superpowers?

  2. I believe that Musharraf would be remembered for all the Development he has done in the country in this time. A dramic change in lifestyle of a normal Pakistani has been seen, that his/her standard of living has increased and have become better. A lot a jobs were made avaliable due to foreign companies enterning our market, thanks to the confidence they had in Our President Pervez Musharaf.
    May Allah protect my Country Pakistan and guide Our President Pervez Musharaf in taking our country further in Technology and betterment.

    Agha Murtaza


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