Kashmala Tariq walked out of Dunya TV show after verbal brawl with Shazia Marri

Kashmala Tariq is one lady who know how to stay in the news. The MNA of PML-Q (Hum Khayal) is famous for her ultra-modern dressing, her relations with General Musharraf and the on-air bashing she received from PPP MNA Dr. Firdaus Ashiq Awan.

Kashmala let her dogs out when confronted with PPP leader Shazia Marri in Dunya TV program hosted by Asma Chaudhry (ex GEO producer/anchor). She got so frustrated by Ms. Marri that eventually she walked out of the show, alleging Asma Chaudhry and Dunya TV was supporting PPP.

Asma Chaudhry showed that she is a real dumb host, unable to control the participants. Apparently, the producer decided to have fun with the situation and let the verbal brawl go on uninterrupted. Now, Dunya TV got a clip to play for many days to come. Shazia Marri seemed to enjoy the session, flaming the fuel with her continuous blabbering. She played it real cool and had the last laugh.

Kashmala Tariq, what you gonna do now?

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