Karzai’s Problem

How could Afghan President Hamid Karzai forget the favors of Pakistanis which they bestow upon him when he was living in Quetta. His family is still in Quetta, enjoying the Pakistani salt. How in the hell could he forget that.

Yesterday, he threatened to send his troops across the international border into Pakistan to combat Taliban commanders such as Baitullah Mahsud and Maulvi Omar. He said that Afghanistan had the right for the self defense and that was the appropriate thing to do.

Hamid Karzai, the puppet president of Afghanistan has been doing such silly things for quite a time now and the time has come to teach a befitting lesson to this idiot. A Ghauri missile over the Presidential Palace in wretched Kabul would do a world of good to the Karzai and his masters in New Delhi.

This Karzai puppet forgets that it was Pakistan who has always propped up his wretched country, and its Pakistan who has always given support of every kind to Afghanistan. Still Due to Afghanis and the Afghanistan, Pakistan is having such a bad time. Its time that Pakistan push all the Afghanis back where they belong and yes the Ghauri should be kept at hand.

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