Karzai Threatens Again

The way the puppert President of Afghanistan (or was it half of Kabul?) has started using derogatory language against Pakistan and the way he has started hurling threats at Pakistan, every now and then tells us many lessons, and one of the most worth remembering is to never trust the neighbours on our Western borders.

According to the media reports, hundreds of Allied troops armed with their choppers, tanks, mortars and high-tech weapons have arrived at the Pak-Afghan borders, while the tribesmen viewing the situation threatening have started shifting from the bordering areas. See this advancement in the light of Karzai’s statements, and the thing becomes clear.

“The murder, killing, destruction, dishonoring and insecurity in Afghanistan is carried out by the intelligence administration of Pakistan, its military intelligence institutions”, Karzai said in a statement. And then Karzai vows for retaliation.

Such is the plight of Americas’ favorite ally in the war against terror.

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