Karachi Rocks ahead of Bush visit

A car bomb has exploded near the US consulate in Karachi behind the Marriott Hotel, killing five people and injuring dozens. The explosion occurred in the high security zone and was heard miles away. A headless body was found near the damaged wall of the hotel and toll could rise. A paramilitary soldier on security duty was also among the dead and another body was stuck in one of the damaged cars. 34 people were wounded in this explosion, many with burn injuries. The blast was apparently in a Suzuki Mehran car parked at the back of Marriot hotel. It was so powerful that it left a crater almost three feet deep and 10 feet wide, police said. Parts of the blazing car fell inside the hotel lobby.

Timings of the explosion seem to coincide with President Bush’s visit to Pakistan . A strike has been called by the opposition in Pakistan on Friday to protest against the publishing of Blasphemous cartoons and against the pro-American Govt. of General Musharraf . Today’s blast will help the opposition as people may like to stay at home tomorrow as a precautionary measure.

In present scenario, it would be difficult for investigators to identify people behind these explosions. US has earned many enemies in the fight against Terror, which revolves around Muslims only. President Musharraf is also having many foes, both inside and outside Pakistan. Govt. of Pakistan has recently accused Afghanistan and Indian consulate in Kabul for supplying weapons to Baloch insurgents while Afgan President Karzai , during Bush’s brief stopover in Kabul, accused Pakistan of interfering in Afgan affairs. Islamic political parties and opposition in Pakistan wants to increase pressure on Musharraf to shed his army uniform before 2007 Elections.

With so many conspiracies going in the region, people of Pakistan are facing tough conditions. People of Karachi have requested for shifting of US consulate in Karachi to a safer place on many occasions but of no avail. Presently its situated in the heart of city. In these incidents its common people who suffer however, this time a US diplomat is stated to be among victims.

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