Karachi Mourns

What is it that can convince a man, even if only physically, into taking the lives of those not very different from himself? Just what could it be? What greed can turn a man into that appalling a monster? And how vulnerable is each one of us? How stranded one can be in the midst of humanity and feel compelled into committing a carnage so horrendous as Karachi experienced on April 11, 2006. Which god would condone something like that? It seems that man is more vengeful and cruel than the god he abuses as such. Apparently he wants to fight for something higher without realizing how many he is so adversely affecting in that process of so-called self-actualization. No act can ever be purely isolated.

Despair, or exultation? Who knows what leads one into a course of action so terribly drastic? But despite all the efforts to understand the cause, it seems that no cause would seem to suffice in face of the truth that there is no substitute for life, no matter how apparently absurd and meaningless a life may seem to be, and that no faith, creed and political dogma can ever be so great as to take lives shamelessly and yet assume to feel all rightful and act complacent about it.

Karachi is in mourning again but it is more harassed than mournful. Investigations are in their full swing. And although it is a bit of an improbability to expect that the perpetrator or the guilty group will claim responsibility or will be found out so quickly Karachi is keeping her fingers crossed; sick and tired of the bloody hide and seek that this city has been victimized with for about the past two decades and yet never losing hope for another better beginning- the kind of life that it once used to live.

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