Justice Still Searching for Justice

The proven truth of history is that no society or country or nation could survive any longer with or without dignity and esteem, if there is no supremacy of law and constitution, and if there is no justice available. In this case, it is also true that justice delayed is justice denied.

In Pakistan, justice is always been the problem, and now the funny and disgusting thing is that the justice is himself searching for justice, and even the elected members are employing delaying tactics to deny him the justice, and he is once again wandering from city to city and from village to village in the quest of justice, which is on hold since 9th of March, last year, when a tyrant had his laugh shamelessly.

Deposed chief justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry is once again becoming active to the agony of many people including the toadies of Pervez Musharraf and cronies of Asif Ali Zardari. One can now safely bracket the two easily, as both have their vested interests tied with each other.

Mush wants more rule for him, while Zardari wants NRO for him. While this nefarious distribution goes on, justice is still searching for the justice, and there is no respite for him in sight.

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  1. Absolutely. Why would Zardari want Justice back, while he wants to live and earn that ‘meager’ living. Its an open secret that the coalition does not want to lay their eyes on.


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