Justice is Back

We know what the lawyers’ movement is for. We know that why deposed chief justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary said No to the iron-fist dictator General Pervez Musharraf and we know as why lawyers all across the country from Karachi to Khyber struggled so much so that they sacrificed their everything.

The lawyers movement is for the justice and the constitution for the people of this country. This is our war, the real war. It is for a noble cause with which few people in post-Feb 18 Pakistan will disagree: the restoration of the deposed judges, starting from My Lord Iftikhar Chaudhry and encompassing all the other judges who, showing courage and integrity, refused to take oath under President Musharraf’s Provisional Constitutional Order (Nov 3, 2007).

Now once again the lawyers are being re-aligning their movement. This time there is no turning back and not even the shenanigans of the Pakistan People’s Party can stop them. Lawyers will prevail and justice will come back.

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  1. It seems to me that the PML(N) has again started pumping money in the movement ….. Its high time .. i was wondering what happened to the movement of lawyers .. then i got the intelligence that the funding from the PML(N) and other lime minded parties had been seized .. since the PML(N) was in the same bandwagons as the PPP…. but now that they have fallen apart ….. and have waited enough time to see things get out of disorder, the N guys have finally decided to bring it alive again ….. and that my dear is the reason that the Movement is back. ..
    Someone very recently said to be .. Corruption in Pakistan Pays …. and i cant help but agree with em ….
    Everyone can be bought in this country .. you just to have the right kinda money for that …
    Mr Justice Iftikhar Ch…… very interesting figure indeed .. a man who once used to call him self “Sipahi of Gen Musharraf” (in a conversation with an Achakzai minister in quetta in his very house).
    Why did this movement die after the lawyers even knew for sure that the present govt is not going to re-instate the judges … and was in fact looking for a way out …. of this entire issue .. i have already discussed it elsewhere too …
    it is not that the matter died .. it is just that the money that was keeping it alive stopped coming in ….
    The N league was playing party to it .. but still did not want to lose their trump card in the present day politics …. a major contentious issue …….. now that the timings are right … the PPP govt is in a block hole ….. N league and parties have brought the issue back to life…. No movement in the world can see the light of the day .. without money .. and money to this issue is being provided …… How else can you imagine the lawyers who otherwise struggle to make ends meet .. come to these processions over and over and over again … without paying heed to the demands and responsibilities of their families…… The only reason we have not had any revolution in this country is because of this very fact ….. people are not willing to just stop their earnings to join a revolution. That is the essence of today’d democratic rule ….. Dont let the poor die …. and keep their hopes for the evening meal alive … if that hope dies . then there will be a revolution. 😀
    Anyways .. i am drifting off in another direction as a habit …
    the bottom line .. since i have to work on something else ..
    The movement is not the movement to help pakistan. I have no doubt that even if the so called judges oare re-instated, the judicial system of this country is not going to be any better. Proven to be one of the worst and most corrupted faction of the society … how can we simply pin our hopes to one individual or even a number of them and start believing that the root cause of every problem in pakistan is linked to his revival ….. yes .. i know and admit that Pakistan’s biggest problem is the absence of social justice and that is why we are drifting into the oblivion …. but to hope that every core issue of pakistan will be solved in Mr CH is re-instated …. it is the most absurd idea ever to begin with. Even when the Judges’ issue was at its peak …. the session judge in Badin was playing havoc with the judicial system… he flatly refuse to even grant bail to someone i knew saying flatly to our faces that they were the orders from an infulential Sindhi politician of PPP.. and that he could not do anything about it ….. If even in the times when the Judiciary of pakistan was being tested, the judges did not bother about doing justice, how to you want me to belive that they are going to start doing it after the system is brought back to what it used to be. it is all plain rhetoric and you and i know it .. tall claims as usual. Whether we have Mr Iftikhar back on the throne of CJ or not … they system will not change .. and the claims that it will …. are totally lost on me ….
    The problem with me is that i am not moved by rhetoric anymore … i just dont …. i guess seeing things with my very own eyes and having the first hand experience of everything around …. it is hard for me to believe that Mr iftikhar is the man who will ever bring any change… after all he is one of the most pivotal figure of the atrocities perpetrated by the last govt … legitimizing every illegal move and all of the sudden he has become such a saint … it is a joke …. it is just like this Ex Svcmen Society ….. ahahahah … all the ex general who were part of the most brutal martial law regime in the history of pakistan (Gen Zia’s) today are undergoing their catharsis by finger pointing and complaining against the last govt .. it is all a joke … the biggest problem with paksitan i guess is not the absence of Social and Economic justice .. it is the lack of Hindsight and retrospect by the people of pakistan…. if this problem is solved ….. all the problems of the country will be solved
    thanks you


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