Justice delayed is justice denied

This phrase is too good to be true. Whether it is the case of the CJP or the debacle of our cricket team just this weekend. But coming to think of it who will do the justice in either case when the judiciary itself as an institution is not independent. The head of state (HoS) pointing his broomstick at every one and thinking that it would turn into a toad and keep croaking till some other swamp monster eats it up.

How many institutions and people will it take to ratify the already misdirected nation. A nation which does not have a vision to look forward to. Where HoS and other senior executives of the government join their offices and then hold “Vision” meetings – a collective effort to know what to do, rather than the leaders coming in with a strong vision for the entire nation based on which they were elected by the people in the first place. I wonder who will be the scape goat this time around for the current judiciary issue. With news of sacking the PM around, i feel the time is not far away when our HoS would be sacking the entire military for some form of misconduct.

The once peaceful northern and central Pakistan, now has too many tearful eyes due to the unrestrained shelling of the protectors.

I believe the top brass needs a leadership course from one of the leading leadership trainers here in Pakistan – Mr. Wali Zahid (http://walizahid.wordpress.com). However the leadership can never be taught. It is the circumstances that project a person into the leadership position but then again some characteristics are required to reach such a pinnacle.

Coming back to the cricket season that ended (call it so because of the mere nature of the events) this weekend, the coach moved to his heavenly abode, the captain quiting his position and the PCB chief saying goodbye as well. What will become of the remaining lot? With the even the judiciary not on stable ground, the HoS too much puzzled and confused in his own affairs who will look after petty matters like saving the cricket from total extinction in Pakistan.

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