Just Some Thing For Fazl

Who has benefited from the delay in national elections, which were earlier scheduled to be held on 8th January? The answer in unison is PML-Quisling and Fazlur Rehman of JUI. Though their advantage is not that bigger, but they have now got more time to rig the elections and do some more manipulation and do some more to appease the power houses.

Fazlur Rehman has remained a black sheep in opposition throughout all these years of Musharraf regime. He has damaged the cause of opposition as no one has. He dented the spirit and movements of opposition at every occasion, and he was first to defect. He did all that to just get some pieces of pie.

He is very strange specie. He has got really a spine made of iron. He lies and lies frequently in broad day light. Everyone knows that he is a toady of regime and everyone laughs at his face, yet he doesn’t budge and carries on with his disgusting politics.

Time to time, just to change the taste of mouth, he spews forth venom against government in a very funny way. Just after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi on 27th December, along with the lotas of PML-Q, he was the one who supported the postponement of elections, and now he is clamoring that he wants elections to be held on time.

Fazlur Rehman isn’t contesting elections from his own constituency because people want to lynch him there. He has run away to some other area to participate in elections, and have made seat adjustment (in other words rigging adjustment) with PML-Q to get a chance to screw his people more.

It’s also musing to see that the differences have also emerged in the JUI between its Amir Maulana Mohammad Khan Sherani and former MNA Maulana Noor Mohammad over the party’s manifesto and the issue of supporting the Taliban. Talks between the fractious factions have also failed, and Fazlur Rehman isn’t taking any interest. He has now forgotten his dreams of becoming Prime Minister and just wants some thing, just some thing.

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