Just Do It !

How many times is it that you have just left some task without even attempting touch it? How many times is it that you have just turned your back from something seemingly hard and complex? How many times is it that you were just some moments away from success and you gave up?

This turning-back and giving-up all boils down to the “Complication” of things. The truth of the matter is that this complication just lies in your mind not in the task. The task only requires perseverance and persistence. Those who don’t want to try make it complicated. In doing apparently complex things, hard work is required (but then where it isn’t required?), but the hardest part is simply taking it seriously. After that, it’s implementation details. The details matter, but it’s what drives the implementation that matters most.

1 thought on “Just Do It !”

  1. You are right Sir. I try my best to avoid this but sometimes it really comes back to hunt me. But complication is only in one’s mind.Everyone should remember only this.


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