Just Brought About Change

In our unbridled enthusiasm to please the West and to gain credibility in the eyes of the democratic rulers of the world, the dictator at home tank-rolled all the established rewajs and traditions and demolished all the effected institutions in the tribal regions to appease the interests of foreign powers at the cost of having mass instability in the region.

Not only the so called actionable intelligence proved farce, it helped in creating more hostility and anger in the area among the tribes, and tribes have this tradition of going after the enemy no matter what. Tribes were accustomed to the autonomous living chartered by the government in Islamabad and they were comfortable with the political agents and Khasadar forces, but general in his macho adventure ruined all that and achieved nothing.

Chink of light appeared at the end of the long winded tunnel after the transition of power from the military dictator to the democratic forces, but that light has seen many blows and still is unable to sustain itself as the dictator has gone on the cue of Washington and the rulers have the temerity to say that they are bound by the promises with foreign forces.

That and we are daily fed with the gory figures of how many died and injured in FATA, and then we hear bangs in our cities.

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