Just Be Confident!

“The quickest way to achieve self-confidence is to do you are afraid to do.”

Leaders have it. So do great athletes. And probably mos of the people around us. “It” is confidence, the ability to know and accept your strengths and limitations without depending on the opinions of those around you. It’s been documented that the two greatest fears we have are not snakes or crime or natural disasters, not getting caught cheating or telling a lie…..but meeting strangers and standing up to speak in front of a group.

All the great people had regained faith in themselves after being told they didn’t have what it takes to succeed. For example:

Einstein was four years old before he could speak.

Isaac Newton did so poorly in school his teachers considered him “Unpromising.”

Walt Disney was fired for “a lack of imagination.”

Winston Churchill failed sixth grade because he didn’t complete the tests required for promotion.

Abraham Lincoln failed in business twice; was defeated eight times for public office, and had a nervous breakdown before becoming  the greatest president.

Remember success is 99% failure, if you think you can, you can….if you think you can’t, you can’t!!!

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