Jumbish-e-Abro Say Kinara

When Asif Ali Zardari doesn’t think about the miracle of National Reconciliation Ordinance, then what exactly he does? He perhaps thinks about the waning support of PPP in Punjab, and that is why he has appointed Mian Manzoor Wattoo as advisor to the puppet Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, and that is why he has managed to swing this mega lota in his favor, and has brought him in the party.

Like Pervez Musharraf, Manzoor Wattoo would also be a huge asset for the PPP, and would act in its downfall, like he did in early nineties when he was the chief minister of Punjab. He really scared the guts out of Faisal Saleh Hayat in those days, and Benazir hardly managed to control him with the help of Hamid Nasir Chattha.

Musharraf managed his grip over the lever of power all these years through the people like Chaudharies of Gujrat, Manzoor Wattoo, Chattha and other lotas, and the same faces are now swinging towards the PPP. What does that mean? That means another era of dirt and disgust.

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  1. I am an ardent fan of your website. I have read most of the comments and on one thing I feel obliged to say that your views could be expressed in right journalistic language. We all criticize people but it comes to writing on public forums, we moderate our views or our language. This note is for the moderators of this forum/website. Thank you.


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