Judiciary Back in 30 Days

The people of Pakistan saw in awe one historic moment in their sixty years of strife when at the hill station of Murree, the top leadership of PML-N and PPP met with each other and announced their designs to form the new coalition government and they nullified many apprehensions and dispelled many wrong signals and cleared up lots of mist.

The ninth March’s landmark meeting between the Pakistan People‚Äôs Party and Pakistan Muslim League-N in Murree brought the two arch rivals of the past decades close to the formation of a coalition government and, at the same time showed the world that Pakistanis are capable of handling thier mess.

The most beautiful thing which came out of this joint declaration by the top leaders from Pakistan was that they agreed on the restoration of the deposed judges to the pre-Nov 3 position through a resolution to be adopted in the National Assembly within 30 days of the formation of the federal government.

More than sixty judges are under house arrest with their families since they have been dismissed by the then Chief of Army Staff General Pervez Musharraf, because they judges said ‘No’ and they refused to take the oath under the Provisional Constitution Order when General Musharraf imposed the state of emergency.

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