Judges Restoration

Just as through a simple and prompt order by the newly elected Prime Minister Makhdoom Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani, the incarcerated judges were released and they were set free without any delay and hitch, just as like that a simple executive order would reinstate the deposed judges.

This is true that the reverse count down by the lawyers shouldnt turn into an anarchy and chaos, but it should be there to keep a check on the new government, especially on the leadership of Pakistan People’s Party which is ready to fall into the lap of President Pervez Musharraf anytime. With NRO firmly in place and Zardari, Badr and others reaping the fruits with both hands, its hard to imagine anything positive in this regard from PPP.

These deposed judges are the icon for justice, democracy and law in the country, and for the first time in 60 turbulent years of Pakistan, these judges have said ‘No’ to dictatorship and tyranny and the nation stands at their back. PPP needs to understand that and that understanding must come pretty fast.

Nation vow to continue the struggle of justice and democracy.

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