John Solecki Still Missing

Abductions of the foreigners are on the rise in the country. Adviser to the Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik is stilll using lies, deception and other disgusting tactics to feign as nothing has happened and its not a big deal and everything will be under control tomorrow. He has said that the government is utilising all resources to recover kidnapped UN official John Solecki, and hoped he would soon be recovered as they have some indications.

The deadline by the Baloch nationalists is expiring and still there is no sign of recovery of John Solecki. Not even remotely the provincial government or the federal government has tried to take any serious step in this regard to recover the UNCHR chief and after the killing of Polish engineer, the nation is embracing for another tragedy.

Balochistan is simmering and the tension runs high. Surely the time has now come to address them and the feelings of injustice that fuel so much anger in the province. But it seems that PPP is only interested in gaining more power and control and the only important issue for them is senate election.

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