Jan Dain Gay, Jan Lain Gay

Asif Ali Zardari is seemingly trying to fill in the shoes of legendary Punjabi Lollywood actor, Sultan Rahi. Asif Ali Zardari’s tone and threats are really amusing for the attendees of public meeting, and they are really pining to see him running in the sugarcane fields, while holding is lacha tight.

He is over acting and over reacting. He did well in Sindh after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto by cooling the burning passions, and as now the tide of time has cooled off the seething anger, which erupted after the ghastly murder of his wife, Zardari is trying to fan to ensure the sympathy vote.

But that is not required. People may have succeeded in cooling off their minds, but they haven’t forgotten the tragic slaying of Benazir Bhutto, and Zardari should show some head, and not try to fan the passions.

Another circle says that now he has also become the part of the deal, which her brokered with Musharraf, and now Zardari is just doing nora kushti for the benefit of all. If that is the case then we have been defeated once again by the establishment.

3 thoughts on “Jan Dain Gay, Jan Lain Gay”

  1. nawaz sharif is the only who is loyal with the country,zardari is not suitable for the post of PM,
    i would request to the upcoming regime,please reinstate the CJ,also those judges who denied to take oath under the PCO.And do something better for the poverty which is growing day by day.being an agricultural country we are shortening of wheat,rice,ghee, and suger,and the prices of those which are available in the mart talking to the sky,
    in this situation how a lower as well as middle class person can survive,and sometimes when a person fails to fill the stomach of his family,lose his life by commiting suicide.what is going on in our beloved Pakistan.
    For God sack get pity on the innocent children of poors who often sleep hungry.


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