Italian Resturant Blown Up

Luna Caprese was not a famous hangout in Islamabad which is littered with such joints. It was just yet another exclusive run-of-the-mill ultra-moderanized restaurant for the foreign and especially Western diplomats, who generally avoid going to conspicuous places for obvious security reasons.

It’s not that the bomb-hurler was not happy with the standard of food in the Luna Caprese or that he (or may be she) wasn’t enthusiastic about the Italian food. It was just that the bloody, evil, bastard and ruthless terrorist wanted to put yet another black spot on the already dilapidated face of Pakistan.

The evil terrorist took immense pleasure by hitting the restaurant with a powerful explosive device, killing a Turkish woman and injuring over a dozen guests who were having their weekend dinner. It was well known that Luna Caprese was well attended by the foreigners, and it does mean that local support was there for the terrorists, and now it’s one more test for the security officials.

One hope (perhaps against hope) that this test would be passed by our security agencies.

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  1. You didn’t mention the fact that the restaurant served alcohol. Even though that does not make the bombing justified, but the “bloody, evil, bastard and ruthless terrorist” was brought up and brainwashed to hate booze, prostitution and such non-Islamic stuff. Killing the foreigners was probably an added bonus to him. A similar attack on a chinese pub in Islambad happened a few years ago IIRC.


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