It just gets worser and worser for Haiti

Struck by an earthquake that left its capital Port-Au-Prince shattered, its main government building torn to pieces, around 230,000 people dead and 300,000 injured, the small Haiti was ripped to bits and pieces. This was only to be followed by a series of after effects, as the nation tried to get over its grief. Mass graves were being organized for the unrecognized, and bodies were being dumped around, and then struck the other natural element- water.

For a country so densely populated, people had been living on the streets after humanitarian aid constantly proved not enough to deal with the effected three million victims. A series of thunderstorms left thousands victims of the outbreak of cholera- which claimed murderer to another 2500 helpless people. Crime has gone up in Haiti- the economy has crashed; the opposition leader died of the earthquake; the presidential palace lies in two pieces and no administration can be done; and the world stands only watching from television sets as once again, a country is helpless. You think that’s all- elections for the new leader of Haiti- someone who will bear a great burden on his shoulders- were held recently amongst increased violence.

The turbulence in Haiti has now reached it’s peak, and all flights from the USA to Haiti have been banned in light of this violence. In yet more misery for Haiti there are reports of four people being shot dead in a series of violent protests that have erupted across the country over claims of a rigged presidential election. What now for the nation who still has people lying on the streets, exposing themselves to sexual violence and crime? Haiti’s beleaguered President Rene Preval appeals for calm on the radio. But who will listen? the sounds of people crying in the streets, of people in pain and agony, of hissing tides, washing hopes away; have all made the public of Haiti turn a deaf ear to leaders. USA’s ban of flights will only take this violence a step further, as the largest supplier of aid, and the closest super power, just walked away.

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