IT Disparity

I have been working in Information Technology for just 7 years, but have observed a striking feature common in organizations where I have worked. The administrators (both database admins and network admins) are treated like celebrities and super-humans, whereas developers or programmers are treated like, well, *garbage*.

Every large scale, commercial, enterprisey-like company I’ve worked for has always been run and managed by such people who always consider that elite specie the master blasters. Developers are just considered replaceable and expendable, whereas admins are those jins, who could make or break the IT.

I mean surely, the people who build and manage the core infrastructure are important, but the people who add value to that infrastructure are also of the same importance. Negating them negates the very purpose of the whole subject of user experience. An admin services the developer, who in return services the end-user, which should be the goal of every product or service.

The success a company enjoys is most often solely from those condemned by their superiors and who work around those roadblocks and unnecessary difficulties of ignorance of the highly esteemed, respected managers that are as clueless as they are fearless. A real Corporate Manager’s success is measured only in their ability to staff a group that is effective at bypassing their ignorance and making everything work smoothly despite him/herself.

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