Islamic Concept of Justice

The conception of justice is much higher than of the other concepts. In Islam, justice is executed in the presence of God. The theory is based on certain unique principles. The fountain
head is the Quran and the Muslim community is “the Ummah”. The caliph or the head of the state only represents the Prophet of Islam. The ‘Ummah’ is collectively responsible for the administration of justice.

According to Islam every person who is adult, having a good character, healthy and bears the proper knowledge of “Shariat” can be appointed as a judge in a Muslim state.

How to do justice? The answer of the question lies in the life of our Prophet (P.B.U.H). His attitude towards the study of law was favorable; to him the study of law was the most
favorable thing before Allah.

Hazart Mohammad (P.B.U.H) made all equal in law in accordance to the spirit of Islam. He made some rules and regulations, rules of justice for all kinds of civil, military and criminal cases.

Whenever Muslims followed the rules of Islam, they got glory, and victory in every field of life. Same is the case with justice.
The circumstances these days in Pakistan clearly show that we are not following these rules and regulations. When the justice is in danger, anything might happen…

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  1. Something needs to be done soon, because in the name of democracy hundreds of thousands muslims are being killed in Iraq. The invasion of Iraq has given a platform for Al Qaeda, they kill muslims and non muslims. They are the reason why there is growing divide between sunni’s and shite’s in pakistan and the middle east, i mean who’s side are they really on? Every action they make has positive gains for the bush administration and CIA, history is littered with such covert operations like these. It’s not a war on terror but a war on Islam, before us. They were breating down commuinism before the collapse of USSR, the American Administration hates china and north korea. Why because they’re commuinist. Iran aswell because its a Islamic Republic, other democratic countries have nuclear power but Iran has been singled out. Israel has nukes and they’ve openly said they’ll use it. When did the UN ask for Israel to be punished by sanctions? We need to wake up before Musharraf sells us to the Americans, bring back the islamic state through dialogue and peaceful means.

  2. To follow that how justice is done and implemented, how democracy should work, what is a democratic way of government we have the concrete example of Caliph Umar. We don’t have to practice we have the example.


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