ISI is to blame for everything that goes wrong in India!

I wonder why Indians are so stupid. Not only are they stupid, they think others are stupid as well. I mean, all this talk about the ISI or Pakistan behind the Mumbai attacks without a shred of proof is really insulting our intelligence. They really think we’re foolish enough to believe that a group of terrorists would arrive on Pakistani merchant ships and enter Mumbai with rifles and grenades in their hands, barge into a cafe, two hotels, a railway station and a Jewish centre and start shooting indiscriminately, without being seen either by the security personnel or the hundreds of people at the scene.

But then, maybe I am wrong, and the Indians have staged this whole drama because Obama said something about sending Clinton over to India to resolve the Kashmir dispute. Like the killing of Sikhs when Clinton was visiting India, or the bombing of the Samjhauta Express (for which Pakistan was conveniently blamed, but Hindu terrorists were later found to be responsible).
Indian leaders should seriously think of undertaking psychiatric treatment to cure themselves of ISI-phobia, before they start blaming Pakistan and ISI for all illegitimate children born in their country!

6 thoughts on “ISI is to blame for everything that goes wrong in India!”

  1. indian goverment also tell that all hindu woman are pregnant by isi.because they are stupid,never use brain,expert in mukarna like partaab muker jeeeee.

  2. Hahahahahahaha..!!!! good one Kashif ….

    This is but natural .. what better way to hide your failure by blaming it one someone else …. India always had ISI to blame for everything … your story atleast had some BLOOD in it … trust me .. if they had their way .. they would even blame the CONSTIPATION of Mr Manmohan Singh on ISI .. and come up with a story that will be so fictitious that even Martians would laugh their Lungs out (India can prove that Matians have lungs too ) …
    anyways ….
    the whole point being that like all accusations in the past i am sure this one is going to fall flat on its face …. just wait and see … The problem is more magnified with the incompetency with which our Govt is handling it …… personalized statements and decisions is what is making things worst for us …. There is a need for the govt to realize that this is time show statesmen ship …… and give logical and practical decisions in a way that suits Pakistan .. not India ….
    There is no proof as such that Pakistan is, in any way involved in the entire episode …. indians may cont to play the blame game as much as they want ..till the time irrefutable evidence is provided … We have all the right to deny everything they are saying …
    Pakistan needs to be proactive not reactive ….. the moment the news of this event broke out….. it was understood that fingers will be pointed towards Pakistan. … we should have highlighted this thing on our media .. before the indians started doing it … this way we would have been ahead in the game from word GO … but unfortunately …. our media is as incompetent and reactive as our govt is …
    once again ……. we have been found wanting in understanding what is really required by our govt and media ….
    Lack of policy and coherent decision making is once again a glaring factor that has surfaced for everyone to see …
    when will we learn .. i once again say … Thank God Army still has gray matter in its skull ….. if the entire thing had been left to the ‘rehem-0-karam” of these politicians, they would certainly have made a complete mess of the entire situation and our ISI Chief probably would be interrogated by the Indians right now …
    I pity Us all ….. i pity the state we are in and how out leaders handle crisis … total lack of understanding of international diplomacy … total lack of policy decisions …. consultations and advice … whimsical statements that later have to be withdrawn … thus making a joke of the entire matter ….
    God save Pakistan ….. Please Allah …….. save Pakistan …

  3. Breaking News: A state minister in india while taling a shower tripped over his soap. Immediately after his exit from the washroom it was concluded in 5 minutes that this was an ISI conpiracy in which the sweeper was used as spy to damage the skull and brain of the worthy minister. Media has aired the news and talk shows are underway about the entry/exit timing and route of the sweeper into ministers bathroom. There is an evidence that the sweeper looked like a pakistan and hair hair DNA when tested confirmed that he was from Toba Tek Sing Pakistan.


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