ISI Bashing

As our Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani returns from America, the US media has started to blast the role of ISI at full throttle, and the leading newspapers across America are trying to implicate ISI with the militants, and they are calling it proxy help by ISI to the Afghan militants.

One must hope that all those involved in the war on terror have learnt some lessons from their experience of the Afghan war, and especially the Americans from the Vietnam war. The events during this visit of our premier make it super obvious that there is no point in trying to reach accords with US verbally.

These persons in US media are obviously untrustworthy, are interested in exploiting any peace agreement only for their own cause and simply have little to gain from an end to conflict. They quite evidently realize this would also threaten their reign over the terrorized people of the Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Pakistan should strongly denounce such media campaign against the security organizations of Pakistan.

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