Is this Justice? No punishment for Policemen

This is the kind of thing which happens every day in the country. Sometimes criminals do it, but more often it’s the guardians of the law who commit a crime. Three Karachi policemen took two boys into custody and then demanded Rs. 50,000 to release them. The mother of the boys complained, and Allah be praised, a judicial magistrate conducted a raid and recovered the boys. But then, the woman forgave the three cops and the judge disposed of the case accordingly and set the cops free as reported by Dawn.

Now everyone knows what kind of men policemen are. It’s highly likely that they threatened to kill the poor woman if she didn’t withdraw the case against them. And this happens many times a month. Killers are set free after being forgiven by the heirs of the victims. Just what kind of justice is this? Even if the woman withdrew her case against the cops, the fact remains that they committed a heinous crime and therefore should have been punished for it. By letting the cops go free, the court has cleared the way for more policemen to indulge in extortion, instead of helping the people.

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